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Privacy Policy 

We respect your privacy. We won’t use your email address or name other than sending you a newsletter (if you have subscribed), or to contact you in reference to any issue which is currently open or was open in past between you and (

We do not add any cookie to accompany you, ads displayed on our site may add cookies on your browser just to set advertisers based on their preferences, and for their perfect functioning.

We do not share articles from other sites, they are all our own, to talk about our products distributed on our website (, or to offer you product tips related to our aforementioned main site.

Terms and Conditions

You can not copy our articles and or images of our articles and post on your site without mentioning our authorship by informing the link of the original article, we are focused on maintaining the quality and originality of our articles, be they tips, tricks or support for our products distributed on our website (

You can not use our comments platform to advertise your products or website, it is restricted to opinions, doubts and suggestions, it is not allowed to post a link in the comments, all comments will be subject to the approval of the site administrators ( ).

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